Our Story

PLEA SDN BHD story dates back to 2018 when an idea was triggered to create a device to keep track of loved ones. Ventured out to explore possibilities in IoT, lots of experiments, testing, failures, and finally, in 2019 the first prototype was completed, and soon came the CE certification. With determination plus key personnel dedicated to providing IoT solutions and technology, the prototype was further refined and named PLEA - Personal Locator Emergency Assistance. PLEA functioned as a GPS Tracker.

This year 2020 with SIRIM and MCMC approvals intact, PLEA SDN BHD a subsidiary of FoundPac Group Berhad a public listed company on KLSE main board intends to unleash the Power of Connectivity and in line with our tagline Finding You,  PLEA empowers you to stay connected with your loved ones and precious assets wherever you are through its real-time GPS System Tracking Platform. PLEA SDN BHD in accordance with Section 17A and 31 (2) of the Patents Act 1983 had also been granted a certificate for a utility innovation, grant number MY-200809-A on January 2024. 

FINDING YOU is easy with PLEA.